Monday, March 30, 2009

product review: miss jessie's rapid recovery

hi ladies
i did the big chop on saturday and decided that now was as good of time as ever to use this product. it is a deep treatment that i recieved in my sample pack along with other miss jeassie goodies. its very thick and has a pleasant but unfamiliar smell. believe me, i tried to put my finger on what the smell was and just couldnt hit the nail on the head. so because its a sample it was only 2oz and i figured im just going to get rid of this litle jar and decide if i want to purchase the 12oz, but no no, i still have another use in the small jar. like i said before it is thick, but it spreads very easily and my entire head was covered without the use of the entire jar. so thats a plus.
i did not deep treat under the hooded dryer but i did leave it on in the shower for 10 minutes and when i rinsed it off i said OMG out loud lol. it was that good. i've used many conditioners before and i must say this is one of the best. its hands down in my top 3.
with my little bit of knowledge(tiny bit) of ingreadiants i can say that it doesnt seem to have very good yummies in the mix(i like my conditioners to have many natural goodies in it) but it does contain shea butter.

and like all the other miss jessies products its not cheap at all. a 12oz of this baby will run you darn near $50 bucks. wow is the word. can you believe that????? but it is well worth it.

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