Thursday, March 26, 2009


ok here it goes.
oyin was a big dissapointment. i wouldnt say i hated it but i will say the juices and berries just didnt do it for me. first of all i purchased the product because i am transitioning and i heard a lot of good things about it. the first thing i noticed when i opened the package was the smell. this stuff smells so darn good. like sweet juice and berries lol. anyway last night i did my evoo and honey pre poo, co washed with vo5 passion fruit smoothie mixed with evoo and honey and did a in shower conditioning with oyin honey hemp conditioner(will give a review on this as well). after i got out the shower my curls were popping and i was so excited to try the juices and berries.
heres why i was dissapointed. when i sprayed my hair with it it was like it instantly dissapeared. it didnt make my hair "wet", it was like i didnt spray it at all so my hair still felt dry. so i decided to use my trusty ojon revitalizing mist. that stuff never fails me.
here my opinion on why this didnt work for me. and its a simple answer but an answer notheless. it contains no oil. it has amazing ingredients, most of them being estracts but no oil. so im thinking that if i add just a little coconut oil and more water then it would work great. i will try it and see.

oyin honey hemp conditioner:
i think i like this but im not sure. it was only left on my hair for 5 minutes or so so i dont know if it was left on long enough. i will use this aain and give you lovely ladies and update. what i will say is that unlike the juices and berries, i dont feel that this product needs to be altered at all. i dont think i need to add any oils or honey to this products so thats good right?

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