Tuesday, March 24, 2009

miss jessies

as you all may or may not know, i am transitioning and have been for a while. i plan on doing the big chop in either september or december. but i wont lie, im itching to do it now. my relaxed hair just doesnt seem to be acting right ever since i got my hi-lights. yes, i do regret getting the color. but there's nothing i can do about that now but to wait until it grows out.
anyway i ordered the sample pack from miss jessies because im a product junckie and i just couldnt wait until i big chopped.
the sample pack comes with 2oz sizes of the curly pudding, curly murangue, baby buttercream, curly butter cream and the rapid recovery deep conditioner. they all smell amazing and i cant wait to try them.....and that time will come tonight.
after i pre poo, wash and condition my hair, i plan on adding one of the creams to my hair(not sure witch one yet) and doing some flat twists. if the twists look nice then i will leave them in until the weekend when i go out. i havent done a twist out or braid out in years but i remember how cute i looked with them lol. this will be a great style over the weekend. and i need a break from my hair before i cut it.
anyway you can find more about miss jessies products here: www.missjessies.com

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