Wednesday, March 11, 2009

from the inside out

we have to remember that beauty comes from the inside first. i mean that in more ways than one. first off, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and if you are ugly on the inside(personality) than it doesnt matter what you look like on the outside. we've all heard those sayings before right? and we all know what they mean correct?
well secondly, taking care of the inside first can really make a differnce on how you look on the outside. take care of the body first. i've siad it before and i will say it again, water will make all the difference. you have acne? drink more water. you need to loose a couple of pounds? drink more water. your scalp is dry? DRINK. MORE. WATER. lol. its not just milk that does a body good.
well, you ask, what else can i do to keep me and my hair healthy? there are many things that can be done to keep both the hair and the body in tip top condition. there is excercising. we all know excercising is great for the body. it regulates the blood and keeps the fat away. because it regulates the blood it can be a great way to help the hair growth process. also a great tip would be to slather conditioner on the hair and cover with a plastic cap while you get your work out in. your body heat will help the conditioner penetrate better and when you take off the plastic cap you will be surprised at the amount of steam you see.
then theres suppliments. taking a simple womens suppliment can do the body wonders. you'll be surprised at how your energy will increase. your skin can clear up and with taking the right suppliments comes benefits like lowering your cholesterol. you've seen those commercials lol.
i personally take flax seed oil pills and i drink aloe vera juice. i started taking the flax seed pills twice a day because i wanted clear and beautiful glowing skin. i didnt have acne but my skin had been dry lately and there wasnt a glow. i'd seen a youtube video(when i find it again i will post it) of this beautiful model with gorgeous clear skin and she said she takes flax seed. so i went to my local target a i purchased the first bottle of flax seed pills i saw lol. its hard for me to swallow pills so it was a plus that these are gel pills. not only are they great for the skin but they are amazing for the hair as well. flax seed oil is packed with omega 3, 6, and 9. with that said i would start out light because too much of anything is never good IMO.
i started drinking aloe vera juice because i read its good for the digestive system. again, im working my way from the inside out. but aloe vera jucie can also be used as a shampoo or a daily moisturizing sprits. if you are one of those lovely ladies that co wash daily or a couple times a week than an aloe vera sprits would be great for you. you could mix the aloe juice with water and glycerine or even throw in some rose water. there are many that love a sprits like this and it keeps the hair moisturized all day.

i think it will do us all some good to put ourselves on a personal inside out challenge. send me comments letting me know what your challenge will consist of.
im going to look into other supplements and keep you gals updated on whats good for what.
my personal challenge is to continue to drink my aloe vera juice, take my flax seed oil and drink no less than a liter of water a day.

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