Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my regimen

ok ladies, what i do to my hair may not work for you for several reasons.
1: i use a lot of protein. not everyone is gonna need protein
2: i use heat every week. i know some of you are on a strict no heat regi.
3: last but not least, no ones hair is the same.

i just want you all to know what i have been doing to my hair. i will post pics later.

1)pre poo. i always pre poo. if its protein i do it for no more than 30 minutes. if it moisture i can leave it on anywhere feom 1 hour to overnight. i usually use carols daughter smoothies.
2)shampoo. i only do one lather because i wash my hair every week so its not that dirty and i never put anything on my scalp so one lather is best for me. i usually use aphogee shampoo for damaged hair or joico k pak.
3)protein treat. i do a light protein treat every week and it has been working out great for me. i always use joico k pak deep penetraiting reconstructor. i love this stuff.
4: deep moisturizing treatment. i always follow up my protein with moisture. i have many treatments that i use and love. but the most used are joico k pak intense hydrator and redken all soft heavy cream. i use these with heat for no less than 20 minutes.
5: heat protection. this is a must. i always use paul mitchell heat seal.
6: leave in conditioners. i have many but the one that is always used is paul maitchell mositure mist. i love this stuff. i also really ojon revitalizing mist and paull mitchell the conditioner.
7: blow dry. i blow dry my hair using a salon quality blow dryer. i use my new T3 pro. i blow dry with the blow dyer in one hand and a wide tooth comb in the other. this is easier for me and i think its less damaging because there is less pulling.
8: flat iron. i flat iron with a CHI and i love it. i go over each peice of hair only once. my hair is pretty fine-hence all the protein- so i dont need but so much heat. if it doesnt get strait on the first try then tough titty.
9: then i moisturize and seal. i usually moisturize with carols daughter healthy hair butter and seal with vatika frosting. lately i have been using ojon RT.
10: then i wrap my hair in a dominican style doobie and cover with my silk scarf and call it a night.

thats not so hard and for me its simple. i went from just under sl to almost bsl in less than a year doing this method. and now that my regi is almost perfected i exspect to hit mbl by this december.
here ar some sites you can find the above mentioned products.

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