Thursday, March 12, 2009

product review: blue green algea conditioning mask

ladies i am in love.
i used this last night for the first time and i love it. it is meant to be used as a pre poo so you know i love that since i pre poo with every wash. it is all natural and it is packed with protein(their words, not mine lol). it says on the jar its packed with protein but im going to say that its light protein because it also says it can be use every week.
what i did: i sectioned my hair and placed the conditioner on from roots to tip. after i placed my plastic bag on my head i only left it on for 10-15 minutes but when i rinsed it off my hair felt so soft. i was exspecting it to feel almost like i did a hard protein treatment. i was exspecting it to feel hard but i was pleasantly surprised. what i got was soft hair that i want to feel again.
more on the conditioner: this conditioner was so cold to the touch. i used the tips of my fingers to apply the mix and when i was done i had to rinse my hands with warm water. can you say uncomfortable? lol. the first ingr. is coconut fatty cream base. that just makes me smile lmao. i love aubrey organics and their wonderful conditioners because its filled with great oils and butters and things like blue green algae. did you know what blue green algae was before this conditioner??? i know i hadn't heard of it. anyway, you have to stir the conditioner/mask before you use it. and be careful when you do because this stuff looks thick but when you touch it its actually light and whipped. it sort of reminds me of yogurt. and it has a very strong smell that i would not call pleasant. its very strong.
the gotcha: im letting you know so you wont be surprised when you go looking for it. there are several gotchas(this is what i call a catch) with this product. first lets talk about the price. this little 4oz jar costs about $13. not really recession friendly. well i think i can get 3 uses out of one 4oz jar. last night i didnt even use half the jar and i made sure each section was coated. we have to remember that the hair will only suck up what it needs and the rest will wash off, so dont over use the expensive dream in a jar. now moving along, you will have to search for this mask. i didnt see it in my whole foods with the rest of the AO products and i didnt see it in vitamin shoppe either. i had to buy it off line and you know that shipping adds to the price. so now this little jar cost up to $18. maybe more.
i was hoping i wouldnt like this stuff so that i would not repurchase but like i said it works like a dream.
the options: i always come with options. well this product is actually from the aubrey organics line as well and it packs a good protein punch. its the AO GPB conditioner and it will fill your mane with a wonderful protein/moisture balance(i've used this too).
the ingredients are: coconut fatty acid cream base, organic aloe vera, wheat germ oil, lactalbumin, organic rosemary oil, organic sage oil, horsetail extract, coltsfoot extract, amino acid complex(cysteine, methionine), glycoprotein (from oyster shells), balsam oil, aubrey's preservative(citrus seed extract, vatimin A, C, and E) sounds yummy right?? try it if the Blue Green Algea is too exspensive for you.
ETA: you can find a 16oz bottle of this for $10-$13. so its about the same price as the mask but you actually get more for your money.

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