Saturday, March 7, 2009

product haul

i went shopping at Sally's today. i love this store. its a small store and yet i tend to spend so much time looking and reading lables as if i've never seen the products before.
today i got silk elements mega silk olive oil conditioner, deep treatment and heat proectant. i've never used any of these above mentioned products before but i've heard so many great things i just had to have them. i also picked up a bottle of the aphogee shampoo for damaged hair(i needd this because i went to my stylist on this past friday and i know i need to baby my hair). i've used and loved the aphogee line but Joico has since taken over.

anyway im on an olive oil kick right now so thats another reason for the silk elements haul.
the heat protectant is actually the only one i will review with my next wash, so look out for that review.
what its supposed to do: silk elements mega silk olive heat protectan spray, formulated with olive oil and silk proeins, helps protect the hair from damage caused by heated appliances. leaves hair soft and silky while providing a luxurious shine.
wow. sounds amazing right??? i cant wait to use it. i use heat every week and as we all know, using heat protectant is very important. fi i love this then it will put my beloved Paul Mitchell heat seal to bed(review coming soon). i love my heat seal but it isnt that recession friendly ya know?!

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