Monday, March 16, 2009

ojon: trading places

have you heard of the Ojon Restoritive Treatment?
well let me tell you about it. this treatment comes in two sizes and they are both expensive.
the 1.35oz will run you just over $20 and the 5oz will just about break the bank at, get this, $55. so is it worth it???
well this treatment is meant to be a pre poo treatment. you place it on dry hair with a plastic cap and it can be left on anywhere from 1 hour to overnight. i did myself a favor and purchased the kit that comes with this treatment along with the ulta hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and the styling cream and revitalizing mist(love this stuff).
the first time i tried the treatment i didnt like it. well let me rephrase that. when i woke up(i did an overnight treatment) and took off the plastic cap my hair was sooooooooo soft. i was amazed and instantly smitten. well that all changed once i jumped in the shower. as soon as the water hit my hair it became a tangled and knotty mess.
so i decided to use it again a couple weeks later and when i washed it out this time there were zero tangles. so i used it again and again and i got the same results. soft hair and zero tangles and knots. funny how you look at that little jar and think "there's no way im paying $21 for 1oz of solid oil". but i got at least 5 treatments out of that one little jar and i had apl hair at the time.
so i decided to invest in the big jar and i still have more than half left(of course i dont use this with every wash).

trading places: well it had been a while since i had used this wonder oil and decided to see if it would work as a mmoisturizer or sealant. with my new colored hair it stayes moisturized but it constantly looks dry-now i remember why i stopped getting color-so i decided to rub a small amount of my ojon in my hand and apply it like an oil. then i wrapped my hair, applied my scarf and went to bed. the next morning my hair was crazy soft. but the gotcha is the smell. the smell is of really strong cofee and i cant take it. when you use it as a pre poo the smell gets washed away but as a moisturizer you can smell it all day long. i hate it. but it did what i need it to do as far as keeping my colored ends moisturized.
will i use it again? of course. as a pre poo it is a dream and as a daily moisturizer it is even better if you can get past the smell.

so i recommend that you run to your nearest beauty first or sephora and snatch this up.

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