Tuesday, March 17, 2009

too silky??????

well i was watching a video on youtube yesterday where this girl undid her wrap and her hair just fell so silky straight and smooth. well, i flat iron my hair once a week but i only go over each piece of hair once. its still straight and it keeps the mooisture and shine i like. but to get it to fall like hers, i would have to go over each hair like 2-3 times. so i did. and i remembered why i stopped doing that in the first place. after wards my hair was super silky. but it lacked shine. although it felt good, it looked dry. i had to keep putting ojon restorative treatment on it to get the shine and moisture back.
heres what i did:
i pre pood with ojon RT
then i shampood with aphogee shampoo for damaged hair
did a five minute treatment with joico k pak deep penetraiting reconstructor
did another treatment with ojon tawaka conditioner
for a leave in i used paul mitchell heat seal, paul mitchell the conditioner and paul mitchell moisture mist
i then blow dried with my new T3 pro dyer(and i love it)
then i placed a 2 drops of Oscar Blandi's jazmine hair serum on my hair and used my CHI to flat iron. i went over each peice 2-3 times and it turned out super silky and soft. WITHOUT shine. and it looked like there was zero moisture. did i say never again??? well let me say it again.

i will never do this again. everything was great until i went over each peice 2-3 times. my hair looks amazing when i go over it once so i will stick to that. lesson learned.

you can watch the youtube video of the girl that had me wanting extra silky tresses here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNH3g10RSCs

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  1. thanks for this! I think ima bookmark this.. looks really good. I'm glad i saw this