Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tingle tingle tingle

i dont know about you but i love for my scalp to tingle. i've tried dr. bronners peppermint castile soap for a shampoo and i got nothing. i tried dr. miracle scalp oil and i got nothing. but would you like to know what product finally got the job done???
ok it was design essentials stimulations conditioner. i have been wanting to try this product for months but always gravitated to something else. well this past saturday i wondered into my local bss and picked this up. sunday was wash day and i decided to use this thick, creamy, lightly peppermint smelling conditioner and i do not regret it.
this conditioner is so thick but is easily spread so you dont have to use much to get the job done.
when i put this conditioner on my hair and covered with a plastic cap my scalp instantly felt cool. i was surprised but i enjoyed it. however, i exspected my scalp to tingle a lot once i sat under the hooded dryer but it didnt. it still felt cool but not quite what i was looking for. it did moisturize my hair but im just not sure if it will become a staple. i know i will buy a tube here and there but for right now i cant say that i LOVE it. maybe one of these days you will find it in one of my "old friend" posts lol.

im sure you can find this product at a local bss and it will run you anywhere between $9-$12.
and it comes in a cute grey and purple tube lol, i just love looking at this bottle on my dresser.
it does contain mineral oil, but it also has peppermint and jojoba oil. so its not packed with alot of long words that no one can pronounce. i would say that this product if worth a try.

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