Monday, March 16, 2009

beautiful face

i know you've heard of the philosophy products. well those late night infomercials had me running to sephora to spend all my little bit-o-moneys lol. the whole line is amazing but the best face product IMO is the microdelivery peel.
the product: is a two parter. the first part is the yummy smelling crystals. they smell like yummy oranges lol. anyway you take out a small amount and place it on you finger tips. then you lightly massage it into your face in a circular motion. then comes step two. there is a gel like serum if you will that needs to be applied atop the crystals. once applied and then lightly massaged in it will start to foam.
the great thing about this wonderful two-some is that it can be used once a week or once a month and you will still get all the benefits. it contains just the right amount of vitamin c so that afterwards your face will not only be softer but it will glow. and we all want to start our day with a glowing face right?

the truth about vitamin c:
im going to be honest and say that i read a lot of information in the article that i did not know. im glad i read this because i love what the philosophy microdelivery peel does for me and will not stop using it. im 22 years old so i have zero rinkles but i guess you can never start taking care of your skin too soon right?
this article helped me understand the benefits of vitamin c better and it also helt me understand to look for the quality of the vitamin c because of free radicals and oxidation.

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