Tuesday, March 10, 2009

more on moisture

we can never have too much moisture right??? right.
so my question is, can a butter(shea, mango, cocoa) moisturize the hair?
i've aways heard that a great moisturizer should be water based. because as i've previously stated, water is the ultimate moisturizer. with that said there are ladies that sware by shea butter. the great thing about shea butter is that if its too heavy for you then you can melt it down and use it like an oil. and we all know that oils rock lol.

well i have to do more research to give you an answer that i can say is fact, but what i can say is that while my hair is thriving from using water based moisturizers, my hair loves butters as well. have you ever heard of Jane Carter's nourish and shine? well if you havent let me give you the run down.
nourish and shine is an all natural butter that contains shea butter, mango butter, kokum butter, vatamins a, d and e and essential oils. lets start with the smell. it's smell is like grape fruite to me. its strong but not overwhelming. and the feel is so smooth. its a butter but its not hard at all like some butters. in fact i keep mine on my dresser closest to my vent and it stays soft. you wont have to worry about greasy, weighed down hair at all with this dreamy mix. its fab.

when i use this butter my hair is always soft and did i mention it gives ingredible award worthy shine? well let me tell you it gives amazing shine. and you want to talk about soft hair, well you dont know soft until you've used this butter.
with all that said i still dont know (for a fact) if it moisturizes the hair. but i do know that my hair stays silky with this stuff.

so i will say that yes!!!! butters can moisturize the hair.

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