Friday, March 13, 2009

sebastian and all his goodies

hi me ladies. how are your beauty bags doing?

ok, well the only product i tried by sebastian was the potion #9 leave in and i did not like it. apparently it contains protein and it must be a lot because it made my hair hella hard. but now i want to try his Laminates. in case you did not hear lol, last friday i got hi-lights done with bleach and now i want to apply a color over it. i want a pretty new penny color and i want to do it with a salon quality color instead of Adore. i have been using Adore for years but i want something different. most of the products i use are salon quality so why not make sure my color is on the right track too???

im going out tomorrow to search for this color. im also going to pop in and out of different salons asking questions and getting consultations.
i'll let you lovely ladies know how it went.
have a blessed weekend.

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