Friday, March 6, 2009

shopping spree in NYC

i love going to NYC. i have family there so i have been going a couple times a year since forever. i remember walking down the streets and seeing people everywhere. i remember how busy and noisy it is there. i remember different smells coming from every corner and chatter coming from every mouth. and those memories makes me smile. there is no other place on this earth like New York and i think im due for a visit. i think i need to hop on a bus and take that ride. just me and my purse. no baggage, i want to feel free and light.
i want to hop in and out of every pizza joint feeling stuffed. i think i may go in every store and try on clothes i know i wont buy just for the hell of it. NYC is where i want to be.
i also want to take that trip becuase even before i was into hair care i remember it seemed like every lady in New York had nice, thick, long hair. this was before i knew anything about the dominican salons on every corner.
now that i know, i want to go get a doobie. i want my almost bsl mane to swang with light curls from getting my roots blown out mami. i also want to go to the Carol's Daughter store on 125th street. we have one here but i want to go to that one. please exscuse my stuborness but there's no place like the NYC. i want to go to the Karen's Body Beuatiful store and smell all her body goodies. im not natural but i want to purchase all her milks, nectars and creams. i want my hair to smell sweet.
i think i need to take that trip to NYC.

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