Thursday, March 12, 2009

update: silk elements olive oil heat protectant

ok ladies, truth be told i think im going to take this stuff back to Sally's. i havent used it on my hair yet but i did however use it on my mothers hair last saturday. after i blow dried and flat ironed her hair it was not soft or shiny but when she moisturized and sealed the softness came back. so i had already decided that i didnt like the heat protectant for her hair but i would still try it on mine because we have two different hair types. she is a 4b and i am a 3c. well here it is Thursday and she calls me to tell me that her hair has never felt as dry and hard as it does now. the heat protectant is the only thing different i used on her hair so it has to be the culprit.
even though my hair type is different than hers, i have found what works for my hair. and though i tend to use different products here and there, i have not had anyset backs and i wont use this for fear of a set back. funny thing though is that i tend to fall in love with Silk Elements and my mother's hair seems to do well with that line as well. this products stands alone though and i will not take that chance.

so this heat protectant will have to go back.

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