Monday, March 9, 2009

moisture, moisture, moisture

i've been talking a lot about protein thus far. sorry ladies but its because i know that most of us already know about moisture but may have never heard about protein. i know i didnt know what it's purpose was until 2008.
but clearly this post will be about moisture. i love moisturized, soft and supple hair. nothing beats running your hands through soft tresses and one of the ways to keep hair soft is by upping your mositure. and what better way than to moisturize your mane than from the inside out? there are products that will give your hair the feel you are looking for but nothing beats a healthy body. nothing trumps water.
water is the best moisturizer for the hair and the overall body. drinking water daily can help keep the flakes away if you suffer from dry itchy scalp. water can also keep your new growth from being so brittle. you ever have 2 inches of new growth and cant figure out why its so dry and brittle when it hasnt even been relaxed? maybe its water(or rather the lack there of).
somthimes when the hair isnt growing propery and you've used every product heard of, taking care of the body and its health can make all the differnce.

i have a friend that never took care of her hair. she would slap on som blue magic grease and go. her hair would only get done when she saw her stylist once a month or 2 months but her hair was never shorter than bsl. now that i know about the many benefits of water, when i think of it she always had a bottle of water with her. and it was very rare that she drank soda.
snd you know something else? her hair has this amazing shine that not even my beloved coconut oil will give.

drink water for more than just your hair. its great for the skin and cleansing the body. you want a glow like you've never exsperienced? water will do it. its the ultimate and cheapest moisturizer in more ways than one.

water=moisture. use it how you see fit. i promise you will see a change for the better.

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