Monday, August 31, 2009

my story

sorry ladies, i dont have a big dramatic story of why i decided to go natural. honestly i have always wanted to be natural. i didnt know at the time that it was called "going natural", i didnt even understand what i was doing to my hair each time it was relaxed. i was young, maybe eleven, when i decided that i wanted the big beautiful curls like the Ethiopian girls. they seemed to be the only ones i saw with hair that wasnt straight and lifeless. i didnt know why i couldnt achieve that look, i only knew that family and hair stylist kept telling me "you dont have that kind of hair" and "if you stop getting a relaxer your hair will fall out". not shed, not break off, but actually fall out????? well i didnt want to walk around "bald headed" because i stopped getting a relaxer so i put the thought to the back of my mind. what eleven year old wants to have chewed up hair? not me, not when my hair was already long and thick. it just wasnt the big, beautiful, bushy and sometimes frizzy curls that i dreamed of.
many many years later(about 3 years ago) a few of my friends started chopping their hair off to grow locks. i remember saying over and over again that one day i would go natural too. but i didnt want locks, i wanted an afro. so at the time i was working a job where all i did all day long was sit at a computer. i started researching how to care for African American hair and i came across many sites and forums. one of them being LFCF. i instantly fell in love with the information that was given. so about six months later i paid my fee and became a member(im Chebaby over there). anyway, at the time i was still relaxed, still felt like i was my hair. if my hair was out of place i was a hot ass mess. i had bleached my hair all shades of brown and blondes only to color over it with bright reds and almost purples lol.
i was in high school and the first half of college and you couldnt tell me my bright red hair wasnt the ish. i was fly.....that is until i took a picture and realized my hair was so thin that you could see through my curls and straight to my scalp. i was so heart broken. but i had already found long hair care forum so i used that site to help me get my relaxed hair up to par. i learned so much from products that i shouldnt use, all natural butters and oils that would help moisturize, thicken and benefit my hair. and then i started transitioning.

i didnt have to transition mentally though. it was all about the hair for me. i didnt have to learn that i was beautiful without long relaxed hair. didnt have to open my eyes and really see. i was already mentally natural. that was already who i was. i was just waiting for the outside of my appearance to show who i was on the inside. when people said i was crazy for wanting to walk around with "nappy" hair it didnt make me feel like this journey wasnt for me. didnt make me change my mind even for a little bit. it only made me sad that people couldnt except me wanting to be me. that made me sad but i pushed through it. i just continued to do research on what was good for my hair and what wasnt.
that didnt keep me from getting heat damage though. with the great products that i learned about on that wonderful forum i found the CHI flat iron. woooooowwwwww. i thought that was the best thing in the world for my hair. that was until i actually did the big chop. and then i saw all the real damage, even though i had been relaxer free for eleven months that flat iron fried the front of my hair. my bang area was completely straight, no bends, no curls, not even a zig zag in sight.

stay tuned for the rest of my big chop story.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

since when...

did love come in the form of a shampoo?
well let me answer that for you.
this past weekend i went to my local bss to purchase another tub of shea butter. i took my SO along with me and made him purchase a tub for himself as well, i even had him in the kitchen mixing lmao. anyway above the shea butter shelf was the black soap shelf. they had the liquid and the bar kind. it was cheap too so i grabbed it. but then as i walked the store i went to the shelf that contains the Essential Balms and Natural Oasis products. they are all natural products that can be purchased and DC and MD. i think everywhere else you have to purchase on line. anyway i saw that they had black soap as well, it was more exspencive at $9.99 but i like the ingredient list which contained water, shea butter, and natural oils.
that night i went home and washed my hair with it. OMG i was in dream land. amazing. that stuff had my hair clean and soft all at the same time. i was deeply in love.
i didnt want to give a review because i wanted to use it again before doing so. that was on Sunday.
well i have been using my shea butter and coconut oil mix as if my life depended on it. my hair really loves that stuff. but yesterday my hair became very oily, i mean every time i thought about touching my hair my hand became oily lol. but i made up my mind that i would not shampoo again until this up coming sunday when i did my deep conditioning treatment. well this morning i just decided to shampoo again. im not sure why since when i woke up the oily feeling was gone. all the goodness had sunk into my hair. but i decided to shampoo again using the black so and then do a quick conditioning using kbb deep conditioner. OMG my hair is really in love. like real love at first sight.

also i've noticed that this shampoo makes my hair feel thick, i dont know if i mentioned it here before but my hair is fine and not as thick as it used to be. but when i use this black soap my hair feels so much thicker. love. and you onlu need a little bit. this stuff is so watery that when you squirt it in your hand you will think about adding tons more but it lathers sooooo well you just dont need more. love lol. i then conditioned and detaingled the best i could in what little time i had. it is now 2 hours later and my hair feels amazing. with this black soap shampoo i can use it twice a week without any problems. man i love this stuff.

and when you get a chance check out

Monday, August 24, 2009

banana no no

i have taken this mixing thing too far. fo' real. this banana crap is on hold for me until i get the proper mixer. i mashed up less than a half of banana as best i could with my fork. but when i added honey it looked like oatmeal. i was like oh nooooo!!!! i put it in my hair anyway.

i added a little coconut oil thinking that would help the chunks slide out when i was done.
when i rinsed it out 2 hours later my hair did not feel soft at all. in fact it felt a little hard and stiff. so i co washed with vo5 mixed with coconut oil and honey. i wont say i hated the honey and banana mix but i didnt like it like i thought i would. i will use it again but not until i get a mixer.

it didnt take me long to get the chunks out but it took long enough. in fact my mom took a chunk out today lmao. so this is on hold. another reason i dont want to use it anytime in the next couple of weeks is because i need to let them riped. i need to let them turn a beautiful(hahah) nasty brown because its best to use that way, from what i hear, and also because its easier to mix up that way.

but for right now i have to say that i do not like it.

im so happy

i have recieve two compliments on my hair today. both came from women at my job.
today i didnt do anything different to my hair, just a simple wash and go with the front slicked back. i decided to use my kbb hair butter to slick it back instead of hairveda's whipped gelly. it worked out really well.
also im happy because i fell in love all over again with oyin burnt sugar pomade. i mean i am really in love with it. it slicks the front of my hair down without a problem and keeps it soft and shiny all day.
im also happy because my hair feels amazing after the much needed protein treatment i did Sunday with my beloved Joico Deep Penetraiting Reconstructor. i know i said i was gonna try and stick with all natural products but until i find a natural alternative, joico it is. my hair feels the way i wanted it to feel, strong and soft. i was begining to get mushy hair because i was co washing daily so now thats out.

just wanted you all to know the things that made me happy today.

Friday, August 21, 2009

shea butter and coconut dreams

i made a mess last night. between melting shea butter, mixing coconut oil and dealing with that bentonite crap i had a time on my hands last night. but i made magic.

i sat my tub of shea butter in another tub of hot water. that melted it completely and i was not exspecting that. i came back five minutes later thinking it would just be soft but it was almost all oil. so i had to devide it into two 8oz plastic tubs. i then scooped about 7-10 (yes ten) spoon fulls of coconut oil into each jar. then i sat each jar in the refrigerator, taking it out every 30 minutes for and hour and a half to stir it with my litttle plastic spoon lol(i really need to invest in a food processor). it turned out really well. i did not leave it in the 'fridge all night long. this morning it was so soft and creamy and i was in love before i even tried it on my hair.
so i took my shower and instead of co washing i just rinsed my hair. i never realized how much conditioner smooths the hair but it really does. when i got out the shower my hair was so big and curly and poofy. i love that. i added just a dime size of kbb hair milk and then the shea and coconut oil mix. my hair was instantly soft but i knew the real test was to see how it dried. i didnt even use my usual hairveda whipped gelly to slick my hair back. i didnt need it because the shea butter and coconut oil handled it. that was around 1:30pm. my hair is still soft and shiny. i dont think i put enough though because i still have to moisturize before i go to bed tonight. i will be exsperimenting to see how much i need to last me how long. i really am loving this mix though.
so that just goes to show you, i dont care what anyone says, not all shea is the same. just because it may say unrefined doesnt mean its going to act the same as the next unrefined shea butter. im positive they have the same benefits, its just that they wont make your hair feel the same. this yellow african shea butter is the best IMO and i will continue to purchase it.

not fo me

this bentonite thing is not for me. so i told yall that i was gonna do a face mask last night. well i did and to keep from saying i hated it i will say its not for me. first of all its hard to work with as in its messy. but when i put it on my face it felt fine. like a regular mask. i liked the way it tightened my skin. but i hated the way all around the bottom of my chin itched sooooo bad.
then when i washed it off with a warm towel, there was nothing. no spark, no magic, no "i cant believe it took me so long to try this". nothing but the side eye and stank face. i guess it cleaned my face. i dont know but it didnt wow me at all.
i will try it on my hair in the future but no time soon because its so messy and im dissapointed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

update on bentonite clay

so apperantly bentonite clay is very clarifying. its good to get all the gunk out of your hair and thats exactly why its a great facial mask as well. tonight i will make a small amount of a bentonite mix using water, although you can use acv. i will apply it to my face and let it sit for 10 minutes ar until its dry. then i will follow up with my coconut oil.

also tonight im going to make my shea butter mix. i was gonna wait until this weekend to make it since i wasnt planning on using it until i do my twists, but im going to make it tonight. all it will be is the african shea butter and EVCO. lots of EVCO. as i've stated before, i dont own any type of mixer so i will be doing it by hand. i will melt the shea butter in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds and then add as much coconut oil as i see fit. i will use this mix on my hair tomorrow when i do my wash and go so that i can get a since of how it makes my hair feel. when i used my first mix on my twist(that i took out that very next day) my hair was very soft but that was because i used a lot on each section of hair. also that first mix had other oils like avocado and cocasta(which is a very thick oil consisting of other oils and whatnot. it contains castor oil so its very rich). i didnt like the first mix very much because it made my hair look dull and ashy. i hope this new mix makes my hair very shiny concidering the diference in the shea butter color. for some reason i think the african shea butter will give me amazing shine.

holla at ya tomorrow with my results of both the shea butter mix and the bentonite clay.

whats up with me and my hair.

i didnt do the twists that i had planned on. you know how life is, things get in the way. but i do plan on doing them this weekend. Sunday is the day im looking at.
also i have been looking at my stash of products and it makes me so sad. i cant believe i have all these damn products. dont get me wrong, almost everything i have i love and i actually use them but that is way besides the point. i have realized that the only things i need for my hair are:
coconut oil
coconut milk
shea butter
olive and avocado oils
bananas(actually im going to try this out for the first time on sunday)
water(DUH lol)
oyin honey hemp conditioner and oyin J&B

these are products that i feel like i need. the bananas and coconut milk are what i would use for deep treating my hair. i cant get rid of my honey hemp because i love it too much so thats a keeper. i can make my own spray and please believe i will but i love the oyin J&B. everything else i can get from the grocery store, whole foods and vitamine shoppe.

i also just purchased some indian healing clay. this week has been extra special(and i dont mean that in a good way). this week has taken alot out of me so sunday will be the day for me to pamper myself. i've never used the clay before but i know many people use it on the face and hair. sounds yummy right? of course i will do research on it and come back with that info for you. even if i like what it says about the benefits of using it on my hair i wont do that this week. i think i will just use it on my face and use the banana mix(check out Sunshine's blog, thats where i got the idea from) on my hair. sunshines mix is bananas and honey, i will be adding coconut oil because i cant get enough of that oil.

changes i will be making are:
i will no longer be co washing my hair daily. i may wet my hair most days but i will not be using conditioner, just water. i may co wash twice a week and thats it. also i wont be doing any more overnight deep treatments. i will still deep condition for an hour or two but no longer overnight.
and once all my products(you know, the kbb, curls, blended beauty, qhemet biologics and everything else) are gone and used up i will not be repurchasing.

also, i purchased some african shea butter today. it was sooo cheap at just $5.99. it says its 100% unrefined shea so im happy about that. i already have some shea butter that i purchased off line at coastal scents but that shea butter(although unrefined) is tan in color and the african shea butter is yellow. i just wanted to buy it and see what the difference is. i know when i first started using coconut oil i made the mistake of thinking they were all the same as long as it said unrefined and that is so not true.
the coconut oil i get from GNC is the best i have ever tried. it is soooo silky smooth, completely white in color and smells just like coconut oil. spectrum coconut oil smelled rank and was amber in color. vitamine shoppe's coconut oil is good, i like it but i like it on my face better than my hair. i use it all over my body and as my facial moisturizer. but it will have to do for my hair this time because GNC was all out of coconut oil today and vitamine shoppe has a sale so.....

i know that was a whole lot of babbling and stuff but hey, i just wanted to catch you ladies up :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

how do you detangle?

i always detaingle in the shower. always soak my hair in a thick conditioner first and then using a wide tooth shower comb i start at the bottom and work my way up. thats all. it works out well for me and really if i do this just once a week thats enough. i sometimes use my denman brush which i purchased from Sallys but its not mandetory.
the reason for this post is because i have my eye on a detangling spray by AfroVeda. the ingreadients sound so yummy and i love spray leave in conditioners so this seems right up my alley. except for the fact that i dont need it lol. i mean i know i have many products i dont need but i REALLY dont need a detangling spray. on wet hair my hair should have already been detaingled in the shower, and on dry hair well, i really wouldnt use it because i dont do too much to my hair while its dry.
i guess what im trying to get at is, do you detangle in the shower, only on wet hair?
and if so do you use a detangler in the form of a spray as well?

let me know ladies.

also go to to check out her products. when you run across the Seven products, take a look at that spray detangler and let me know your thoughts.

speaking of love....

i find myself falling deeper in love with shea butter. now i usually dont like shea butter unless its mixed with water or oils but i have been using shea butter by itself this past weekend and my hair loves it so im gonna stick with it. i have a good amount of creamy shea butter that i got from coastal scents and i really like it. now that its hot the shea butter is soooo soft and so it just glides right onto your hair. it makes my hair sooooo shiny and soft. so....HAPPY.
infact im going to twist my hair tonigh using either shea butter and coconut oil or KBB hair cream. karens body beautiful hair cream is nothing more than shea butter, glycerin and a few oils. i love that stuff. i mean i damn near use it everyday.

and speaking of love, shea butter and coconut oil, do you know Sunshine from well i just found her blog about a week ago and i just love it. i love how her blog and her personality just seems so bright and uplifting. there are many blogs that i follow and i just added hers to my list because i think she has great information and i usually agree with her POV on many subjects regarding natural hair. that and the fact that i think her TWA is drool worthy lol.
anyway, she has a product called coconut confidence and im going to purchase some this week. you can find more info about her products on her blog mentioned above and also on etsy where they are sold. the coconut confidence is a mix of shea butter and coconut oil. very simple. so simple that i have unrefined shea butter and EVCO at home but i really like the brightness of her lables and i love supporting Black businesses. so i cant wait to give this product a twirl. and because it is an all natural product, and we know the greatness and benefits of shea butter and coconut oil, this product would be great on the hair and the skin.
if any of you have already tried the coconut confidence please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i was scurred

i cant believe i forgot to tell yall that i went to the Exit the Apple store this past Saturday. this is the store in baltimore where the wonderful Oyin products are hand made with love. i cant believe i forgot to post this. anyway guess who i saw.....
ScandalousBeauty. yep i sure did. and do you know i was too scared to say anything. in my mind i kept saying "just tell the girl you love her blog, or you watch her youtube videos, just say something". but instead i just watched her get up and go to the back with The Mixtress. i felt like two pennies.
now how im gonna go back to my blog and let ,my followers know im a punk?
oh i just did.

boyfriend say whaaattt!!!!

yep, this post is about the men. i want to know what does your man think of your hair?

well i went from almost bsl relaxed hair to hair that was so short i might as well have used the clippers. my dad hated it and he let me know every chance he got. he has always thought that women should have long hair and i knew this before i cut it off so his reaction was no surprise. what did surprise me though is that i have the same texture(well not exactly) as he does so why no love. he has type 2b silky curls. my hair is clearly 3c, so while my hair isnt as silky and thin as his the curls are the same. so again, why no love lol.
my SO has seen my hair go from thick past the shoulders light brown hair to thin fire engine red hair. then from jet black almost bsl to almost none at all and he says he likes it. and ya know what? i believe him. when i first cut my hair he said it reminded him of the really short style that Jada Smith used to rock in the '90s. i didnt see it but it made me smile. the fact that he may be lying but said nice things anyway makes me happy everytime i think about it. now he has a habbit of asking me on a daily basis "are the curls poppin' today?" i love it.
he is so supportive. when i get frustrated because the left temple is different than the rest, or that the crown is still heat damaged and i want to chop it all off all over again, he's there to pull me back over the edge and tell me how beautiful my hair really is. he takes hour long trips with me to Baltimore JUST to vist the exit the apple store to get ONE bottle of conditioner. i dont really know if he likes doing this with me but i am happy that he does. i am happy that he cares enough to ride along with me on this journey even though he always say "stop calling it a hair journey, that retarded".

my shea butter blunder

so i made the shea butter i was talking about yesterday. i wanted it to come out like a cream but this being my first time and all, i managed to make a butter. i had no idea i ran out of honey so i am dissapointed to have to report that obviously thats out. so instead i just used the shea, coconut oil, avocado oil and cocasta oil. i used more coconut oil than anything else and i guess that was a good thing because this butter is sooooo silky. it seems like it would make an excellent body butter. anyway i loved the way it smooth onto my wet hair. but it did the thing that i hate most. it gave my hair this filmy look. almost making my hair look ashy. URGHHHHH. i hate that. so while i love the way this butter made my hair feel i hate the way it made my hair look. i only made a small bathc though so i will be using it up. i assume if i put coconut oil over it my hair wont look so ashy lol.

onto the braid/twist out. umm can i get a NO for 500? this is not for me. let me make this clear, the twists were so pretty and i will be rocking twist all winter long. i mean them things were nice lol. but when i took them out what i was left with was what we like to call a hot ass dog doo doo mess. i mean some parts were cute but it seemed like no matter how much i played with it, no matter how much i scruched it together, some parts would not dissapear. now i made these twist somewhat big so maybe that was the problem becuase im still in the twa stage. and there were gaps all over the crown of my hair and they just would not come together for the sake of making me happy. sigh, oh well, maybe next time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

random ramblings and new things

hi all.
i have been pondering (yep, pondering) about making my own cream. i kept thinking about it but never got around to it. well today i have officially decided that tonight is the night that i will make magic. or a complete bust lol. this cream or butter, dont know how its gonna turn out, will consist of unrefined shea butter, unrefine and organic coconut oil, honey and im not sure if i want to use cocasta oil(hairveda) or avocado oil. im leaning towards the avocado oil for several reasons. one reason being that its just sitting on my dresser colecting dust(ewwww).
i dont have any type of mixer so i will be doing it by hand. i will first melt the shea butter in the microwave for no more than 20-30 seconds. then i will add in LOTS of coconut oil.

heres the thing about my love for coconut oil and why i will be adding tons of it into my mixture. for one, we all know that coconut oil is the bomb. it makes the hair bling, cuts down on the frizzies and it is one of the few oils that actually penetrait the hair strand. now i dont know about you but i love oil. so if i use a butter that seems oily or just a tad bit greasy it doesnt bother me as long as it doesnt leave a film on my hair. i touch my hair alot so it needs to stay soft without coating my hand.
the humidity as been crazy lately. yesterday i was driving home(right before someone crashed into me) and i touched my face and couldnt believe how soft it was. it felt so juicy lol. so that got me to thinking about how long its been since i've used my honey. i used to mix it in my deep conditioners as well as my co wash conditioners and my pre poos. its been at least 6 months since i've done that. so since the weather in on my side and i want my hair to feel as happy as my face did last night, i will add some honey to my concoction. honey is great for drawing in moisture and keeping it there. i dont thing i would use it all year long because i think it would have an adverse effect during the colder months.

the shea butter i have had for some months and was using it on my face at night but then i started to break out so that had to stop lol(now i use coconut oil on my face). so i havent done anything with the shea butter in a while. another reason im using it to mix is because shea butter used alone just sits on top of my hair. it does nothing, just sits there. but if i mix it with anything else it is a fab product. adding just water to it does wonders but in this mix i will leave the water out.

although i will be creating other mixes too, becuase i need to exsperiment with some alovera gel, this mix is consisting of things i just have laying around the house.

stay tuned ladies.

Friday, August 7, 2009

darcy botanicals: an amzing cream

so i was reluctant to try more of her products because i tried the juicy peach butter and was dissapointed some time ago. but the madagascar vanilla styling cream just kept screaming my name. so finally i placed an order and i am almost speachless. ALMOST lol.
i love it. first of all the smell took me some time to get used to. i was exspecting vanilla as in Curls whipped cream vanilla. but this cream smelled of spicey vanilla, very unexspected. after the third day of randomly smelling the jar i am now in love with it. the texture and look of this styling butter cream reminds me of a very whipped and creamy shea butter. that in and of itself is a plus in my book.
also this cream gave me maaaadddd definition. curls were popping all over the place and i had alot of shrinkage, which is very noticable on my twa lol. i applied it on soaking wet hair after my kbb hair milk. i spread the hair milk through my hair in the shower and when i got out my hair was still soaking wet. that made it very easy to apply the madagascar styling cream. my hair stayed glossy all day long. it gave my hair a wet look without the jerri curl look that many naturals complain about.
also by my standards this butter is a little greasy and/or oily. thats great for my hair but you have to know what your hair likes. my curls thrive on products that contain a lot of oils and appear to be just a tiny bit greasy. this is coming from a fine haired natural so keep that in mind.

i hope this helped someone out there.
also she was kind enough to send me a sample of her pina colada daily leave in conditioner so stay tuned for that review.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

darcy's botanicals coming right up

i know its late but its gotta be done. just wanted to let you ladies know that my post about Darcy's Botanicals is coming tomorrow. i used her madagascar styling butter yesterday so i will post my reviews.

also there will be a review of all things oyin. and im taking another trip to the Exit The Apple store this saturday so i hope they let met take a few pics.

but so as not to spoil you......have a blessed night.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Afroveda. the good, the bad

i recieved my afroveda in the mail last Thursday and Friday and i was so excited. i ordered the ashlii amla conditioner, the hair butter sample set which included the cocolatte, shea amla butter, totally twisted and the curly custard. i also ordered the pur whipped gelly and the priti bodhi rice bran oil.

i love love love (with no commas in between to stop me) her pur whipped gelly. that stuff is amazing. i dont use it all throughout my hair to define my curls, i just use it on the front to slick my hair back into a puff or whatever. it is F.A.B. it really is. its consistency is much thicker than that of the whipped gelly by Hairveda(which i love as well) so it doesnt take much to get the job done. and if you love the smell of the KCCC then you will fall in love with the smell of this gelly.

every youtube video or rave that i've seen or read about afroveda said that they just fell in love with the shea amla cream. so this was the first butter i tried. its not my cup of tea. it has alot of hold, which i do not like for my moisturizers. and if it did give my hair moisture i couldnt tell because i couldnt get past the smell or the hold to notice.

the totally twisted butter is amazing. the only thing i did not like about this butter is that is made my hair look dull. i used it doing twist just for fun. i ended up taking the twists out because i like the freedon of co washing my hair every single day. this products has hold too but i like that for twists. it also moisturized like nobody's bidness.

now for my two fave products(well actually the whipped cream is my faves but of the butters....) we have the cocolatte moisture mask and the curly custard.
the cocolatte is THE BOMB!!!! it blew shea amla out the water for me. and the smell was sooooo freaking good and intoxicating i justa bout fell over. these are samples but within the next two weeks i will be making another order for this cocolatte butter. it smells like chocolate but not as chocolatey as oyin whipped pudding. amazing. i used it the same way i would any other moisturizer on my TWA.
the curly custard put me in hair heaven. it defined my curls and it lasted all day long without giving me stiff or hard crunchy hair. i hate gels which is why i only use afroveda and hairveda whipped gelly. but this curly custard will also be repurchased in a bigger size. but i made sure i used a good leave in and coconut oil because i had a feeling that it wasnt going to be enough moisture for me. and i was right. my hair wasnt hard but you could telly that this was not a moisturizer, its a curling custard lol. i will repurchase.

the ashlii amla deep conditioner will be bought again and again and again. when i woke up my curls were so shiny(i deep conditioned overight) and soft. i always deep condition on dry hair but i had been out ALL DAY LONG in the hot hot sun with bugs and sand so i decided to shampoo first with the chagrin valley carrot milk and honey shampoo bar and the towel dry. i then put this conditioner through my hair making sure that every strand was coated because this stuff is very thin. i usually go for thicker conditioners but this stuff is amazing. i woke up with the most lush hair ever. and im sure i used maybe an ounce because its so thin there is no need to use a lot. it sinks in the hair like a moisturizer.

on to the bad. im still waiting for a response from the owner. when i recieved my order the priti rice bran oil was open and had spilled out all in the box. all onto my mother's sofa. we are still trying to get the stain out. out of that 8oz bottle i was left with MAYBE 2 ounces. i sent an e-mail and am still waiting. i used some of the oil that was left and it was ok. it was thick which i liked but it was ok. i think it made my scalp thingle when i baggied overnight with it but im not sure.

overall i like her products. i will never order another bottle of oil from her again and thats no joke. but the 3 butters, the ashlii conditioner and the whipped gelly are keepers.