Tuesday, August 11, 2009

random ramblings and new things

hi all.
i have been pondering (yep, pondering) about making my own cream. i kept thinking about it but never got around to it. well today i have officially decided that tonight is the night that i will make magic. or a complete bust lol. this cream or butter, dont know how its gonna turn out, will consist of unrefined shea butter, unrefine and organic coconut oil, honey and im not sure if i want to use cocasta oil(hairveda) or avocado oil. im leaning towards the avocado oil for several reasons. one reason being that its just sitting on my dresser colecting dust(ewwww).
i dont have any type of mixer so i will be doing it by hand. i will first melt the shea butter in the microwave for no more than 20-30 seconds. then i will add in LOTS of coconut oil.

heres the thing about my love for coconut oil and why i will be adding tons of it into my mixture. for one, we all know that coconut oil is the bomb. it makes the hair bling, cuts down on the frizzies and it is one of the few oils that actually penetrait the hair strand. now i dont know about you but i love oil. so if i use a butter that seems oily or just a tad bit greasy it doesnt bother me as long as it doesnt leave a film on my hair. i touch my hair alot so it needs to stay soft without coating my hand.
the humidity as been crazy lately. yesterday i was driving home(right before someone crashed into me) and i touched my face and couldnt believe how soft it was. it felt so juicy lol. so that got me to thinking about how long its been since i've used my honey. i used to mix it in my deep conditioners as well as my co wash conditioners and my pre poos. its been at least 6 months since i've done that. so since the weather in on my side and i want my hair to feel as happy as my face did last night, i will add some honey to my concoction. honey is great for drawing in moisture and keeping it there. i dont thing i would use it all year long because i think it would have an adverse effect during the colder months.

the shea butter i have had for some months and was using it on my face at night but then i started to break out so that had to stop lol(now i use coconut oil on my face). so i havent done anything with the shea butter in a while. another reason im using it to mix is because shea butter used alone just sits on top of my hair. it does nothing, just sits there. but if i mix it with anything else it is a fab product. adding just water to it does wonders but in this mix i will leave the water out.

although i will be creating other mixes too, becuase i need to exsperiment with some alovera gel, this mix is consisting of things i just have laying around the house.

stay tuned ladies.

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