Friday, August 21, 2009

not fo me

this bentonite thing is not for me. so i told yall that i was gonna do a face mask last night. well i did and to keep from saying i hated it i will say its not for me. first of all its hard to work with as in its messy. but when i put it on my face it felt fine. like a regular mask. i liked the way it tightened my skin. but i hated the way all around the bottom of my chin itched sooooo bad.
then when i washed it off with a warm towel, there was nothing. no spark, no magic, no "i cant believe it took me so long to try this". nothing but the side eye and stank face. i guess it cleaned my face. i dont know but it didnt wow me at all.
i will try it on my hair in the future but no time soon because its so messy and im dissapointed.


  1. Same thing happened to me then I mixed it with soy milk and I loved it. Granted it does itch and it is hard to take off. The itching & tingling means its working. I take it off and my skin is a little red and shiny & smooth.

  2. thanx
    i knew it was going to tighten but i had no idea about the itching. i will keep that in mind. the soy milk sounds like a great idea, i may use that next week because although i didnt think it was all that i will continue to see if i like it over time.