Tuesday, August 18, 2009

speaking of love....

i find myself falling deeper in love with shea butter. now i usually dont like shea butter unless its mixed with water or oils but i have been using shea butter by itself this past weekend and my hair loves it so im gonna stick with it. i have a good amount of creamy shea butter that i got from coastal scents and i really like it. now that its hot the shea butter is soooo soft and so it just glides right onto your hair. it makes my hair sooooo shiny and soft. so....HAPPY.
infact im going to twist my hair tonigh using either shea butter and coconut oil or KBB hair cream. karens body beautiful hair cream is nothing more than shea butter, glycerin and a few oils. i love that stuff. i mean i damn near use it everyday.

and speaking of love, shea butter and coconut oil, do you know Sunshine from http://naturalhairnaturalproducts.blogspot.com/? well i just found her blog about a week ago and i just love it. i love how her blog and her personality just seems so bright and uplifting. there are many blogs that i follow and i just added hers to my list because i think she has great information and i usually agree with her POV on many subjects regarding natural hair. that and the fact that i think her TWA is drool worthy lol.
anyway, she has a product called coconut confidence and im going to purchase some this week. you can find more info about her products on her blog mentioned above and also on etsy where they are sold. the coconut confidence is a mix of shea butter and coconut oil. very simple. so simple that i have unrefined shea butter and EVCO at home but i really like the brightness of her lables and i love supporting Black businesses. so i cant wait to give this product a twirl. and because it is an all natural product, and we know the greatness and benefits of shea butter and coconut oil, this product would be great on the hair and the skin.
if any of you have already tried the coconut confidence please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts.

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