Wednesday, August 12, 2009

boyfriend say whaaattt!!!!

yep, this post is about the men. i want to know what does your man think of your hair?

well i went from almost bsl relaxed hair to hair that was so short i might as well have used the clippers. my dad hated it and he let me know every chance he got. he has always thought that women should have long hair and i knew this before i cut it off so his reaction was no surprise. what did surprise me though is that i have the same texture(well not exactly) as he does so why no love. he has type 2b silky curls. my hair is clearly 3c, so while my hair isnt as silky and thin as his the curls are the same. so again, why no love lol.
my SO has seen my hair go from thick past the shoulders light brown hair to thin fire engine red hair. then from jet black almost bsl to almost none at all and he says he likes it. and ya know what? i believe him. when i first cut my hair he said it reminded him of the really short style that Jada Smith used to rock in the '90s. i didnt see it but it made me smile. the fact that he may be lying but said nice things anyway makes me happy everytime i think about it. now he has a habbit of asking me on a daily basis "are the curls poppin' today?" i love it.
he is so supportive. when i get frustrated because the left temple is different than the rest, or that the crown is still heat damaged and i want to chop it all off all over again, he's there to pull me back over the edge and tell me how beautiful my hair really is. he takes hour long trips with me to Baltimore JUST to vist the exit the apple store to get ONE bottle of conditioner. i dont really know if he likes doing this with me but i am happy that he does. i am happy that he cares enough to ride along with me on this journey even though he always say "stop calling it a hair journey, that retarded".

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