Monday, August 24, 2009

im so happy

i have recieve two compliments on my hair today. both came from women at my job.
today i didnt do anything different to my hair, just a simple wash and go with the front slicked back. i decided to use my kbb hair butter to slick it back instead of hairveda's whipped gelly. it worked out really well.
also im happy because i fell in love all over again with oyin burnt sugar pomade. i mean i am really in love with it. it slicks the front of my hair down without a problem and keeps it soft and shiny all day.
im also happy because my hair feels amazing after the much needed protein treatment i did Sunday with my beloved Joico Deep Penetraiting Reconstructor. i know i said i was gonna try and stick with all natural products but until i find a natural alternative, joico it is. my hair feels the way i wanted it to feel, strong and soft. i was begining to get mushy hair because i was co washing daily so now thats out.

just wanted you all to know the things that made me happy today.

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