Monday, August 24, 2009

banana no no

i have taken this mixing thing too far. fo' real. this banana crap is on hold for me until i get the proper mixer. i mashed up less than a half of banana as best i could with my fork. but when i added honey it looked like oatmeal. i was like oh nooooo!!!! i put it in my hair anyway.

i added a little coconut oil thinking that would help the chunks slide out when i was done.
when i rinsed it out 2 hours later my hair did not feel soft at all. in fact it felt a little hard and stiff. so i co washed with vo5 mixed with coconut oil and honey. i wont say i hated the honey and banana mix but i didnt like it like i thought i would. i will use it again but not until i get a mixer.

it didnt take me long to get the chunks out but it took long enough. in fact my mom took a chunk out today lmao. so this is on hold. another reason i dont want to use it anytime in the next couple of weeks is because i need to let them riped. i need to let them turn a beautiful(hahah) nasty brown because its best to use that way, from what i hear, and also because its easier to mix up that way.

but for right now i have to say that i do not like it.


  1. She did a remix of the recipe and added baking soda. I think that helps with getting the banana out too.

  2. thanx
    i saw that. i keep hearing about people adding baking soda to conditioners but honestly i dont think thats something i would ever do lol. i have however been thinking about starting to use it on my face maybe twice a week. i'll let you know how it goes.

  3. I did a banana pre-poo treatment two weeks ago. My helpful factors were that it was REALLY ripe (bought it Monday, used it Saturday), and that I put it in the blender. I put in olive oil until I it got a little liquidy but not runny. No chunks, no residue... just softness and hydration. My next experiment will be with an avocado.