Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my shea butter blunder

so i made the shea butter i was talking about yesterday. i wanted it to come out like a cream but this being my first time and all, i managed to make a butter. i had no idea i ran out of honey so i am dissapointed to have to report that obviously thats out. so instead i just used the shea, coconut oil, avocado oil and cocasta oil. i used more coconut oil than anything else and i guess that was a good thing because this butter is sooooo silky. it seems like it would make an excellent body butter. anyway i loved the way it smooth onto my wet hair. but it did the thing that i hate most. it gave my hair this filmy look. almost making my hair look ashy. URGHHHHH. i hate that. so while i love the way this butter made my hair feel i hate the way it made my hair look. i only made a small bathc though so i will be using it up. i assume if i put coconut oil over it my hair wont look so ashy lol.

onto the braid/twist out. umm can i get a NO for 500? this is not for me. let me make this clear, the twists were so pretty and i will be rocking twist all winter long. i mean them things were nice lol. but when i took them out what i was left with was what we like to call a hot ass dog doo doo mess. i mean some parts were cute but it seemed like no matter how much i played with it, no matter how much i scruched it together, some parts would not dissapear. now i made these twist somewhat big so maybe that was the problem becuase im still in the twa stage. and there were gaps all over the crown of my hair and they just would not come together for the sake of making me happy. sigh, oh well, maybe next time.

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