Friday, August 7, 2009

darcy botanicals: an amzing cream

so i was reluctant to try more of her products because i tried the juicy peach butter and was dissapointed some time ago. but the madagascar vanilla styling cream just kept screaming my name. so finally i placed an order and i am almost speachless. ALMOST lol.
i love it. first of all the smell took me some time to get used to. i was exspecting vanilla as in Curls whipped cream vanilla. but this cream smelled of spicey vanilla, very unexspected. after the third day of randomly smelling the jar i am now in love with it. the texture and look of this styling butter cream reminds me of a very whipped and creamy shea butter. that in and of itself is a plus in my book.
also this cream gave me maaaadddd definition. curls were popping all over the place and i had alot of shrinkage, which is very noticable on my twa lol. i applied it on soaking wet hair after my kbb hair milk. i spread the hair milk through my hair in the shower and when i got out my hair was still soaking wet. that made it very easy to apply the madagascar styling cream. my hair stayed glossy all day long. it gave my hair a wet look without the jerri curl look that many naturals complain about.
also by my standards this butter is a little greasy and/or oily. thats great for my hair but you have to know what your hair likes. my curls thrive on products that contain a lot of oils and appear to be just a tiny bit greasy. this is coming from a fine haired natural so keep that in mind.

i hope this helped someone out there.
also she was kind enough to send me a sample of her pina colada daily leave in conditioner so stay tuned for that review.

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  1. I will be so buying this in the next few months