Thursday, August 20, 2009

whats up with me and my hair.

i didnt do the twists that i had planned on. you know how life is, things get in the way. but i do plan on doing them this weekend. Sunday is the day im looking at.
also i have been looking at my stash of products and it makes me so sad. i cant believe i have all these damn products. dont get me wrong, almost everything i have i love and i actually use them but that is way besides the point. i have realized that the only things i need for my hair are:
coconut oil
coconut milk
shea butter
olive and avocado oils
bananas(actually im going to try this out for the first time on sunday)
water(DUH lol)
oyin honey hemp conditioner and oyin J&B

these are products that i feel like i need. the bananas and coconut milk are what i would use for deep treating my hair. i cant get rid of my honey hemp because i love it too much so thats a keeper. i can make my own spray and please believe i will but i love the oyin J&B. everything else i can get from the grocery store, whole foods and vitamine shoppe.

i also just purchased some indian healing clay. this week has been extra special(and i dont mean that in a good way). this week has taken alot out of me so sunday will be the day for me to pamper myself. i've never used the clay before but i know many people use it on the face and hair. sounds yummy right? of course i will do research on it and come back with that info for you. even if i like what it says about the benefits of using it on my hair i wont do that this week. i think i will just use it on my face and use the banana mix(check out Sunshine's blog, thats where i got the idea from) on my hair. sunshines mix is bananas and honey, i will be adding coconut oil because i cant get enough of that oil.

changes i will be making are:
i will no longer be co washing my hair daily. i may wet my hair most days but i will not be using conditioner, just water. i may co wash twice a week and thats it. also i wont be doing any more overnight deep treatments. i will still deep condition for an hour or two but no longer overnight.
and once all my products(you know, the kbb, curls, blended beauty, qhemet biologics and everything else) are gone and used up i will not be repurchasing.

also, i purchased some african shea butter today. it was sooo cheap at just $5.99. it says its 100% unrefined shea so im happy about that. i already have some shea butter that i purchased off line at coastal scents but that shea butter(although unrefined) is tan in color and the african shea butter is yellow. i just wanted to buy it and see what the difference is. i know when i first started using coconut oil i made the mistake of thinking they were all the same as long as it said unrefined and that is so not true.
the coconut oil i get from GNC is the best i have ever tried. it is soooo silky smooth, completely white in color and smells just like coconut oil. spectrum coconut oil smelled rank and was amber in color. vitamine shoppe's coconut oil is good, i like it but i like it on my face better than my hair. i use it all over my body and as my facial moisturizer. but it will have to do for my hair this time because GNC was all out of coconut oil today and vitamine shoppe has a sale so.....

i know that was a whole lot of babbling and stuff but hey, i just wanted to catch you ladies up :)

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