Monday, August 3, 2009

Afroveda. the good, the bad

i recieved my afroveda in the mail last Thursday and Friday and i was so excited. i ordered the ashlii amla conditioner, the hair butter sample set which included the cocolatte, shea amla butter, totally twisted and the curly custard. i also ordered the pur whipped gelly and the priti bodhi rice bran oil.

i love love love (with no commas in between to stop me) her pur whipped gelly. that stuff is amazing. i dont use it all throughout my hair to define my curls, i just use it on the front to slick my hair back into a puff or whatever. it is F.A.B. it really is. its consistency is much thicker than that of the whipped gelly by Hairveda(which i love as well) so it doesnt take much to get the job done. and if you love the smell of the KCCC then you will fall in love with the smell of this gelly.

every youtube video or rave that i've seen or read about afroveda said that they just fell in love with the shea amla cream. so this was the first butter i tried. its not my cup of tea. it has alot of hold, which i do not like for my moisturizers. and if it did give my hair moisture i couldnt tell because i couldnt get past the smell or the hold to notice.

the totally twisted butter is amazing. the only thing i did not like about this butter is that is made my hair look dull. i used it doing twist just for fun. i ended up taking the twists out because i like the freedon of co washing my hair every single day. this products has hold too but i like that for twists. it also moisturized like nobody's bidness.

now for my two fave products(well actually the whipped cream is my faves but of the butters....) we have the cocolatte moisture mask and the curly custard.
the cocolatte is THE BOMB!!!! it blew shea amla out the water for me. and the smell was sooooo freaking good and intoxicating i justa bout fell over. these are samples but within the next two weeks i will be making another order for this cocolatte butter. it smells like chocolate but not as chocolatey as oyin whipped pudding. amazing. i used it the same way i would any other moisturizer on my TWA.
the curly custard put me in hair heaven. it defined my curls and it lasted all day long without giving me stiff or hard crunchy hair. i hate gels which is why i only use afroveda and hairveda whipped gelly. but this curly custard will also be repurchased in a bigger size. but i made sure i used a good leave in and coconut oil because i had a feeling that it wasnt going to be enough moisture for me. and i was right. my hair wasnt hard but you could telly that this was not a moisturizer, its a curling custard lol. i will repurchase.

the ashlii amla deep conditioner will be bought again and again and again. when i woke up my curls were so shiny(i deep conditioned overight) and soft. i always deep condition on dry hair but i had been out ALL DAY LONG in the hot hot sun with bugs and sand so i decided to shampoo first with the chagrin valley carrot milk and honey shampoo bar and the towel dry. i then put this conditioner through my hair making sure that every strand was coated because this stuff is very thin. i usually go for thicker conditioners but this stuff is amazing. i woke up with the most lush hair ever. and im sure i used maybe an ounce because its so thin there is no need to use a lot. it sinks in the hair like a moisturizer.

on to the bad. im still waiting for a response from the owner. when i recieved my order the priti rice bran oil was open and had spilled out all in the box. all onto my mother's sofa. we are still trying to get the stain out. out of that 8oz bottle i was left with MAYBE 2 ounces. i sent an e-mail and am still waiting. i used some of the oil that was left and it was ok. it was thick which i liked but it was ok. i think it made my scalp thingle when i baggied overnight with it but im not sure.

overall i like her products. i will never order another bottle of oil from her again and thats no joke. but the 3 butters, the ashlii conditioner and the whipped gelly are keepers.

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  1. Hello,
    I'm not sure of your hair type, bit I'm 4B fine and I usually wear strawsets. I wash weekly and redo them. I am contemplating buying the whipped gelly and chocolatte mask. I plan to use the mask as a moisturizer under my gel to set my curls. In your opinion which is more moisturizing between the gelly and the curly custard? Of the two which will give me a good enough hold to get me through the week without frizzies? I guess I am asking is one more of a wash and go (which I never do) gel while the other might be better for my straw/rod sets?

    Thanks :)

    btw your blog is amazing