Thursday, July 30, 2009

for real this time..... :)

im really back.
i have updates and product reviews galore but first i want to say hi. lol, how has everyone been? im sending a huge hug to everyone.

now that thats out of the way lmao, things have been very busy. which is why i havent been able to blog as frequently as i would have liked. but im back at it and i mean serious bidness. even though i havent had the right amount of time to write, i never once neglected my hair. i made the time to tend to my twa(i know, i know). some may think that a twa is sooooo easy and carefree, when in fact its not so cut and dry.
a twa CAN be easy because for most, if you are like me, you can just wash (co wash) and go. i wear my hair wet everyday because in its curly state it is less than five inches long and not at a good legnth for me to rock twists. with that said, as easy as that may sound, my left temple is very different than my right side therefore it does not absord product the same and it needs to be detaingled more. i try to only use my shower comb(run to cvs, you will thank me) or my denman D3 no more than once a week but as my hair gets longer it seems i need to detaingle more. also the curls on my left side are much more frizzy and more wavy than anything else. not a good look in my book. but i know that because its such a small section that when it grows out it wont be so obvious. infact, no one else probally notices the difference. just my mind in overdrive lol.

anyway stay tuned for reviews of AfroVeda and Darcy's Botanicals.

i tried as hard as i could to stay away from that AfroVeda site but it just kept calling me. so i ended up ordering the hair butter sample set, a full size Priti Bodhi rice bran oil, Pur whipped gelly and ashlii amla deep conditioner.
from DB i only ordered the madagascar styling butter. showing some restraint. hahahaha

until next time ladies......stay blessed

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