Tuesday, April 28, 2009

im back

wow, ok so its been a while. i figured i better go ahead and let you ladies know whats been going on in my hair world. well i have been co washing everyday and my hair loves it. whatever my hair loves i love even more because that means we wont have any problems(crosses fingers). i have been using HE totally twisted, giovanni deeper moisture conditioner, trader joes mourish spa and yes to carrots conditioner. i love them all but i doubt i will be re-purchasing the yes to carrots or the deeper moisture. why?? you ask. well heres why:
for 1 the deeper moisture is almost exactly the same as the trader joes nourish spa. they have almost the exact same ingredient list, same texture, and they work the same. why i chose TJ?? because i get 16oz for $3. and i rather pay that then the $5-8 dollars(depending on where you go) for the giovanni deeper moisture. i love them both but i see no point in having both. and they are both great at being used as a leave in after a quick co wash so i think i win on all sides dont you think?
the yes to carrots is great, well maybe not great but its good. it has a wonderful yummy list, all natural and it has a fresh smell. i dont see this becomming a staple because its only good. i like great. although my vo5 conditioners dont compare as far as ingredients goes, they both work about the same. the same moisture i get from one, i get from the other. so i think im going to stick with my vo5. besides the fact that i already have more than 10 bottles of the vo5 moisture milks, i put myself on this thing they call a budget(i had to google. just jking) so im trying to stick with cheaper alternatives ya dig????

in later news......i find that this new weather is doing my hair some good. not only is my hair staying soft all day but its getting bigger and bigger. its still a twa but its growing good. it hasnt even been a full month yet and i know i already have an extra inch if not more.
what i have been using and doing:
besides co washing daily with the conditioners i've mentioned above i've also been
using totally twisted or nourish spa as a leave in
using karens body beautiful hair milk as a moisturizer
curls milkshake as a leave in
deep conditioning overnight 2x a week using giovanni deeper moisture conditioner
spraying my hair nightly with either cd black vanilla leave in, oyin juices and berries, ojon revitalizing mist, or a mix of all of these and water.
i've also started sealing with jane carter's nourish and shine hair butter at night.

my hair is thriving and i love it. by the end of this summer i know im going to have a lot of growth. you know how you can just feel it? well i've got that feeling. im very happy. and most of all since i did the chop i never once thought "damn, what was i thinking" or "i think i made a mistake".

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