Friday, April 10, 2009

whats in your beauty bag

i will do one for the makeup bag later but right now i want to know whats in your emergency hair kit.
i know im not the only one that has one.
i use a makeup bag from the fafi collection at mac. im sure overtime the products will change and i will add more and more things but as of right now i have:
a little comb from ojon
a sample of miss jessies curly butter cream
a sample of miss jessies unscented curly pudding
a sample of giovanni direct leave in
a sample of watermelon oil
and i think thats it. if i remember to get to it, i know i want to add a satin bonnett in case i spend the night out. i cant sleep without my bonnett lol. oh and i need to add a spray of some kind. they sale those cute little travel spray bottles at cvs and i may pick one up. i can do a mixture of water and oil. you know i love my EVOO and castor oil. and i'll have to throw in some coconut oil too. yeah that sonds good.
when the weather stays warm i will start to experiment with the water, rosewater and glycerin mix. i keep hearing about it so you may find that in my beauty bag soon.

so whats in you beauty bag????

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