Tuesday, April 14, 2009

update on curl junkie

im sorry to report this but i dont think these products are for me. the hibiscus and banana deep fix is a keeper, it is very hydrating and the smell is intoxicating. but the coffee coco curl cream and hibiscus and banana honey butta are just not for me. at first it seemed they worked like a dream, but days later i can give a proper review now that i know how soft my natural hair can be. both these products leaves my hair hard and crunchy unless i follow with a heavier moisturizer. i dont mind doing that until i run out but when that time comes it doesnt look like a repurchase with be in order. the CCCC(ya know, the coffee one lol) gives great definition but does not moisturize, i may try it on dry hair tonight to see what its working with but other than that its not a staple in the least. the hibiscus and banana honey butter does not produce great definition-if any at all-on my hair and it doesnt seem to moisturize either. i applied it to my dry hair last night (because on wet hard i gets nada) and i had to apply my trusty baby buttercreme on top of that because it just does nothing for me. my hair is not unruly so its not me lol. this product, actually neither of them are thick enough for my liking but i just thought i would give it a try anyway. like i said before, im a sucka for all natural products.

i will use these products as leave ins under my heavier moisturizers but when its gone its gone. except for that deep fix, thats my baby daddy fo real.

speaking of products that arent thick enough for me, after doing some research on the CURLS products, i found that the milkshake is appearantly not thick. oh no....this is what i get for doing my research AFTER i make a purchase(not that i needed convincing to buy a product anyway). and since water is not the first ingre from what i remember, i will probaly not use it on wet hair. i mean, i will use a water based leave in first and then apply this. and it seems like it may work great on dry hair too. stay tuned as my package is suppossed to arive tomorrow.

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