Tuesday, April 7, 2009

haul: curl junkie

yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! my curl junkie haul finally came in the mail. i recieved the cofee coco curl cream, hibiscus and banana deep fix and the hisbiscus and banana honey butta.
tonight when i get home im going to mist my hair just to dampen it with water. then im going to slather my hair with the deep fix conditioner and cover with a plastic cap and call it a night. i love doing overnight deep conditioning treatment, esp. with all natural products. in the morning i will cowash with HE totally twisted because i know that conditioner never lets me down. then on soaking wet hair i will put about a quarter size amount of coffee coco curl cream on my hair and seal with castor oil. i will then pat my hair just a little with a t shirt so as not to walk out the house with dripping hair.

i will tell you more about it tomorrow.

also on a much better note: i got my best curl definition today when i used carols daughter hair milk on soaking wet hair and sealed with cocasta oil. my hair does not feel as soft as i like but im almost certain thats because of the devacurl mister right. that stuff gives me crazy definition but makes my hair hard so its out. i will be returning it to Beauty First in exchange for a bottle of devacurl one condition. so im happy because i basically get a free bottle of my precious one condition.

so peace for now....

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