Friday, April 10, 2009

random updates

ladies how are you? hope you are enjoying the first of you weekend....

i am still loving my twa. i've found conditioners, leave ins, and moisturizers that work so far for my hair.

i just celebrated my one week anniversary yesterday yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! me lol.

did i tell you i was in love with miss jessie's baby buttercream and curl buttercream? well let me say it again. i love it!. although i do truely hate the peppermint smell of the curly buttercream.

i had to return the devacurl mister right that i was using everyday like my life depended on it. it was giving me the most defined and beautiful curls i've every seen. but can you say crunchy???? yea i took that sucka back and traded it in for another devacurl one condition so im happy about that.

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