Monday, April 13, 2009

goodies in the mail

so lately my pj-ness has been out of controll. i have been purchassing everything that has anything to do with natural or curly hair. i found that miss jessies baby buttercream seems to be >>here<< with my hair. i only had a small sample of it so i logged into my computer and put in an order for the 8oz size. and i recieved it today. im so excited because i have been using just a tiny bit so as not to run out. lol i think i would have had a melt down. i finally found something that keeps my hair from being crunchy so i dont ever want to be without.
but to stretch the miss jessies BBC i have been using carols daughter hair milk. now everyone who knows me knows that i love me some carols daughter so it was an easy ride over to that side. add to that the fact that its cheaper that miss jessies and you have a winner. the hair milk is actually very nice. i love it. what i do is apply my devacurl one condition mix(which includes avocado oil, JBCO and honey) as a leave in on soaking wet hair and then follow with about a quater size amount of the hair milk and let it airdry. if i pat it a couple of times with a t-shirt then i find that it helps keeps the moisture in, im guessing because.....actually i dont know why lmao. but i wont argue or protest. my hair is loving all the great products i've been using. and that devacurl one condition as a leave in is the ultimate hair-gasm giver i tell ya. you dont want to miss out on that so you need to run on down to the nearest beauty first and grab one. if your hair is anything like mine then you will be very pleased.

almost forgot to tell you what else i have coming in the mail. wait for it, wait for it lol. ok it CURLS. yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!. yes baby. i ordered me the curls milkshake and the curls whipped cream. now i have type 3c 4a hair and iits a twa so i dont need much product but i do need the right product. and if that means i have to order everything out there that dammit thats what i'll do. i cant wit to try these two products. i also want to get the shampoo, both conditioners and that quench moisturizer. ummmm ummm chile i am a sucka for a spray moisturizer so i was sold when i saw the picture on the CURLS site. i didnt even have to read what it does i just wanted it form jump lol. anyway my hair is pretty fine and thin but that doesnt stop me from loving thick moisturizers. thats why i ordered the whipped cream. and i added the milkshake because i like the name and it seems to be the most talked about product they make. im sure when my hair gets longer i will have more use for these creams but for now i will just slap it on and rub it in lol.

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