Friday, April 10, 2009

the difference between leave ins and moisturizers.

how could i have missed this? when i was relaxed i knew there was a difference. heck, i would never put a moisturizer on wet hair to then blow dry and flat iron, and i would never put a leave in on my flat ironed hair. it just aint right lol. some women can use them interchangebly but not i said Che. so why didnt i apply this to my natural hair? this whole time i have been just using a leave in and going out the door and then wondering why my hair was hard as rocks.
then the light bulb went off.
duuuhhhh thats what baby buttercream is for. so i realized that my leave ins like coffee coco curl cream and hiiscus and banana honey butter were for defining my curls while the miss jessies BBC was for moisture.
so my new routine is to apply my leave in to soaking wet hair and then blot with a t-shirt. i will wait until my hair is maybe 80% dry and then apply my BBC.

here are a list of some of my leave ins:
HE totally twisted
devacurl one condition
carols daughter hair milk
coffee coco curl cream
hibiscus and banana honey butter

so far my only moisturizer is miss jessies baby buttercream and a sample of the curly buttercream. i also have a jar of the qhemet biologics burdock root buttercreme.

when i was relaxed i was not a fan of the qhemet creme but i may give it a chance to see if it will deliver magic. and of course you can exspect a very detailed review. so stay tuned.

ladies have a nice weekend and remember to always keep your beauty bag right and tight.

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