Wednesday, April 1, 2009

re-big chop

ok ladies, i have to re-big chop tomorrow. im going to wake up early in the morning and go to the salon(first time visit) to get my hair cut and colored. im thinking i want about 3 inches of hair left -i think i have 7 inches now- and i want a pretty brownish reddish color. i cant go too drastic on the color because 1)my heart cant take too many changes at once and 2) i need my job, 'nough said lol.
again i have never been to this salon before but i did step in last week and i noticed the woman behind the counter had beautiful natual hair and when i told her what i wanted done she said "we have 21 people on staff and i promise you someone will get it done". well since she promised......lmao. i will upload pics that night of my new cut and i will try to post a pic of my hair before i cut it. i was about two inches from bsl and it was pretty healthy minus the fact that i was relaxed with heat damage and bleached hi-lights lmao, ok i am on a roll tonight.

anyway tomorrow im also going to review devacurl one condition. i think its love.
stay tuned and you ladies have a wonderful night.


  1. Maybe I don't know where to look, but where are the pics of your BC? (Christi...."missdexter" on Fotki and "melodies815" on LHCF) I can't wait to see your new TWA!!!! cj

  2. hi
    i havent posted them yet because i did not go home that night. but tonight i will upload them onto my computer.
    thanx for following my blog.