Friday, April 3, 2009

devacurl one condition

hi ladies,
i wanted to use this conditioner a few times before i gave my review. since i purchased this wonderful conditioner i have been using it like crazy. i love it on my new twa and i have been leaving it in as a leave in as well. my hair needs this in its life. i co wash with it everyday except today and i can tell the difference. im pretty sure my hair will do just fine without me using this as a co wash everyday(i also use vo5 and hello hydration) but i need to use this as a leave in. yester day after i came back from the salon my hair was hard-but i'll get to that later, so i used the one condition and my hair was so moist after leaving some in. and it stayed that way all day. i love this stuff. and not only that but it defined my curls like crazy, even my straight area in the front had waves.
please dont confuse this with the devacare one condition which i have never used but may purchase since beauty first has a great sale going on. the devacurl(the one i use) is in the green bottle. if im not mistaken the devaCARE line is for extra moisture for color treated hair. i am color treated so that may be even more of a push for me to try it.
anyway if you have not tried the deva curl one condition please do. i may even use it overnight one day as i sometimes do with my conditioners. its not all natural but it does contain some amazing yummies and i think its well worth the price so dont be afraid to try this and then purchase the big bottle like i am doing lmao.

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