Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i recieved my package today.
and i am in love. i know, i know, i havent used these products but for one day so how can i be in love? well i'll tell you. but first let me retract what i said from an earlier post. the first ingr. in the whipped cream and milkshake is water. ok? now on to the good stuff. i ordered from urbanbella and got free samples of hair rules daily drench conditioner and their clarifying shampoo. i will be using the both of these tomorrow as i have build up so bad right now that when i apply product my hair just turns white. yuck!!!!
so anyway both products smell so devine. its like a mix between french vanilla ice cream and those litle packs of grandma vanilla cookies i get from the vending machine here at work(i cheat on my diet lol). so the first jar i opened was the whipped cream and it is sooooooo thick. LOVES it. so i scooped some out, rubbed it in my palms, and rubbed it through out my hair and it was like omg amazing. so of course i couldnt just stop there. i had to see what the milkshake was working with. now while the whipped cream's consistancy is like shea butter or really frozen ice cream, the milkshake it textured just like a milkshake lol. and it works just as well so far. it goes on really smooth and easy and while the color dissapeared right away, the feeling of pure soft hair didnt. neither of them are greasy so thats a plus, and they both are made up od natural goodies like jojoba oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter and coconut milk. can you say yum?????

you can get them or find more information about the whole line at the following websites:

if all goes well these will most def take the place of miss jessies. dont get me wrong, i love my baby buttercreme and i've even grown fond of the curly pudding but my budget hates these creams and i cant same i blame it. the curls whipped cream and milkshake cost between $17-18 dollars while the miss jessie products can run you 32dollars for 8oz. i think not. since i already have my new baby buttercreme i dont have to worry about that for a while but i the me and CURLS are gonna becaome good friends. like ace boon coons lol.

if youre a natural and you have tried any of the curls products let me know what you think. leave me a comment.

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