Monday, April 6, 2009

herbal essences totally twisted

i love this conditioner. i couldnt go in safeway this weekend and walk out empty handed so i had to get something. it was between this and suave and totally twisted won hands down. i co washed with it and left it on the remainder of my shower, i should have left some in as a leave in so i could really see how it worked but i didnt. but once i rinsed it out my hair was so moisturized. but it was a coated moisturizing feeling. let me see if i can explain this. its like when i rinsed it off with water i had to keep rinsing to make sure all the conditioner was out because it coated my hair. ya get it?? good lol.
now i know some of you may not like that but it doesnt bother me because i co wash everyday anyway and when i need to shampoo i break out the wen. and it didnt make my hair feel yucky or sticky, it was coated in a good way if that makes since.

i recommend it and think you should give it a try. next time i will use it as a leave in as well.

update: i love this conditioner more than my beloved devacurl one condition. and what makes it so much better is that its more than $10 cheaper. how can you beat that??? i will be seen at safeway or cvs soon stocking up on this conditioner.

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