Tuesday, April 21, 2009

frizz fighter and other matters of the hair

yall i cant keep my hands out of my hair. when my hair first air dries there are curls popping everywhere!!!!! im so serious. and then midway through the day there is nothing but a frizzy puff. why???? not because of some obvious answer like humidity, oh no, its because i keep touching and plucking my hair. i find a curl and i have to stretch it out. i want to know just how boing oingy that baby is. i cant just leave it alone. i HAVE to pull it. and i have to admit i was surprised but how silky soft my curls were individually. its like the cuticle lays so flat because when i run my fingers down the curl it has shine and is so smooth.

but i still need to keep my hands out of my hair. there is no excuce lol.

on another note, i made two more purchases today. i ordered 3 hair milks, 1 hair nectar, 1 deep conditioner, 1 LL hair mask, 1 hair cream and 1 hair butter all from Karen's Body Beautiful. i cant wait until they arrive.
then i couldnt just stop there. i had to order some more CURLS products. you ladies know i love my milkshake so i had to get another bottle. but i ended up seeing the kit that comes with the cleansing cream, deep tea conditioner, milkshake and quench moisturizer. so i hit submit and it'll be on its way lol. this kit really did come out cheaper than purchasing everything i wanted seperately.
also im not a gel girl(even though im slowly starting to like the kinky curly curling custard) but i really want to get my hands on that curls gel-ousy(i think thats how its spelled). i think when my hair gets a couple of inches longer this will come in handy. but for now i love the shine and definition the custard gives me. i can leave the crunch it gives sometimes though.

and i must admit that the KBB hair milk works so much better than the curls milkshake. i cant believe im saying this seeing as how i love the milkshake. but theres enough hair to go around so no worries. i wont be giving either one of these up. cant you tell my my recent purchases???? i notice that the curls milkshake gives my hair instant moisture but unless i seal and lock that moisture in, its gone within the next hour. with the KBB hair milk, i can put this stuff on wet or dy hair, seal or let it go and my hair stays moisturized the whole day. i kid you not. when i say i am usually out all day i am out all day lol. and with the hair milk my hair stays moist. last night before getting in the bed i rubbed in some hair milk and had to stop myself from putting on more just to keep touching my hair. its a bad habbit. but i love this stuff. and my SO is so sweet. he said he would take a trip with my to the Big Apple JUST to stop by the KBB store. aint that sweet??!!!?? yep, so ofcourse when i go i will be giving you the scoop on the layout and whatnot lol.

have a blessed night

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