Monday, April 20, 2009

the importance of scalp massages

last thursday made 2 weeks since i have done the big chop. since then i have had several people tell me my hair looks as though its growing. i checked and it has. it seems it has grown a half an inch already. there are several ways i can tell its growing. the first way is in the shower during my co wash. when i first did the big chop, when i co washed it was like the hair on each side didnt even meet. when i would massage the conditioner in it was as if the hairs were so short that on either side of my head they couldnt meet to touch. i hope im explaining this now. well now in the shower its obvious my hair has grown because when i co wash some of my hair can touch each other. of course i cant get a pony tail but it has grown. this gives me encouragement.
the next way i can tell is that when i first cut my hair, when it would air dy there were big spaces in between all the litle curls. now there are no spaces. it has completely filled in and i can actually stretch out a curl and twirl it in between my fingers lol.

i guess some people could argue thats average growth if you get an inch per month but nontheless i credit it to my many scalp massages. i do this every morning in the shower when i co wash and i also do it at night whenever i decide to do an oil treatment instead of an overnight deep condition. the last time i used vatika oil mixed with avocado oil. scalp massages are very important because this is a great way to stimulate the scalp and really work in all the great ingredients of your oil or conditioner. it doesnt take very long to do this process, esp. if you do it everyday. when i was relaxed i normally forgot to do it so it got done maybe once a week or every two weeks. so i would spend at least 10 minutes doing this while in front of the tv. but now that i do it everyday i think 3 minutes in the shower is good enough. and with the steam from the shower also causing the oils to penetrait deeper, thats ALMOST better than a spa treatment.

this will continue to be a staple process for me because i also find it to be very relaxing. and whats better than relaxation????

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