Friday, April 3, 2009

my salon exsperience

this salon is huge, its the technicolor salon and spa located in the capital center blvd. i was a walk in so i didnt have an appointment and i was still helped right away. i probally wont return but that has nothing to do with the service, i just dont need to visit a salon to keep up and take care of a twa.
anyway the lady that did my hair said she was known for her coloring skills and she was damn good so maybe i will return for that in the future. she also said she had been natural for 12 years and just added tracks for fulness. she wore these really big curly tracks that were way to big and out there for me but i loved them. anyway she was very nice but didnt talk TOO much for my taste. did i mention the salon is huge? well it is. when i looked to my right there was a whole nother world i had yet to see lmao.
heres what i didnt like: after my hair had been washed and conditioned she didnt use a leave in and let me go. oh no, what she did was slick on a lot of foam lotion and sat me under the dryer. can you say hard hair???? then when i was dry she sprits on some type of design essential spray.
so i went home and used my trusty devacurl one condition and the world was back to normal.

what i did like: her wash girl was very gentle in washing and conditioning my hair. and when i told her i wanted 2 inches of hair she showed me what that was before she cut and that surprised me in a good way. i still was left with less than 2 inches of hair but oh well.

do i recommend this salon??? yes! i do. because the service was great, the staff was nice and if all else fails you have much to look at because the place is huge lol. i've never been to a spa before, can you believe that? well, i havent but i will definatly get a massage and maybe a facial done.

oh yea, the cut and color cost me $80 big ones. dont know if thats alot but remember, you get what you pay for.

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