Friday, April 3, 2009

what a surprise

ladies ladies ladies, let me tell you.
there is a woman where i work that has the most beautiful natural hair. i noticed it before i even cut my hair. anyway we dont work in the same department so when we see each other we only say good night to each other. so when i finally did the big chop, even though i only know her in passing, i wanted her to comment. i work as a receptionist so the people here always notcie a change in you. people were stopping by my desk left and right to say "oh wow you cut your hair" or "i like the cut".
so like i said she normally says good night and keeps going, well yesterday she kept looking back telling me how nice it looked. today she actually stopped and said "so what made you big chop?"(so now im thinking shes a member of a hair board, maybe lhcf). so after i gave my answer she asid "well i just made some butter the other day and i'll bring you some". lol. i was so surprised.

im excited she likes my hair because i've admired her hair for as long as shes been here because it seems so healthy and she does so many styles with it. but im even more excited to get my hands on that butter lmao. did i mention i was a pj????

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