Monday, April 20, 2009

my new addiction

karen's body beautiful. i know many people love and swear by her hair products but if im going to be honest, when i fisrt tried her hair milk i was less than pleased. it left my transitioning hair hard when i woke up and i was ready to toss the product. the only thing that kept my from tossing it was the fact that i had three bottles(buy 2 get one sale) and my father loved it. he has really silky soft and thin curly curls and his hair ate this up. so i kept it for him lol.
but then the weather decided it was time to show us its spring and i wanted to try the milk again. so i left in some of my conditioner(giovanni deeper moisture) and then applied the KBB hair milk and my hair stayed soft and moist all day. can you say in love??? then i used it on top of my curls milk shake and it was still a beautiful hair day. there is no denying it, my hair loves this stuff. the ingredient list is nothing short of yummy and i can pronounce every item on the list. and its all natural. so i decided to keep this bottle for me, my dad still has two bottles so he's good lol.
so i decided to try her other products and scents(my hair milk is in cranberry cocktail) and i will place my order tomorrow. here's what i want:

4 hair milks
2 hair nectars
2 hair creams
1 hair butter
2 deep conditioners
1 LL hair mask

dont ask me why i am buying more than 1 of an item i've never used before. its the pj in me.
the scents i want are:
creamy coco mango
sultry sandalwood
egyptian musk
vanilla latee
and i think thats all.

i cant wait to try them.

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