Thursday, August 20, 2009

update on bentonite clay

so apperantly bentonite clay is very clarifying. its good to get all the gunk out of your hair and thats exactly why its a great facial mask as well. tonight i will make a small amount of a bentonite mix using water, although you can use acv. i will apply it to my face and let it sit for 10 minutes ar until its dry. then i will follow up with my coconut oil.

also tonight im going to make my shea butter mix. i was gonna wait until this weekend to make it since i wasnt planning on using it until i do my twists, but im going to make it tonight. all it will be is the african shea butter and EVCO. lots of EVCO. as i've stated before, i dont own any type of mixer so i will be doing it by hand. i will melt the shea butter in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds and then add as much coconut oil as i see fit. i will use this mix on my hair tomorrow when i do my wash and go so that i can get a since of how it makes my hair feel. when i used my first mix on my twist(that i took out that very next day) my hair was very soft but that was because i used a lot on each section of hair. also that first mix had other oils like avocado and cocasta(which is a very thick oil consisting of other oils and whatnot. it contains castor oil so its very rich). i didnt like the first mix very much because it made my hair look dull and ashy. i hope this new mix makes my hair very shiny concidering the diference in the shea butter color. for some reason i think the african shea butter will give me amazing shine.

holla at ya tomorrow with my results of both the shea butter mix and the bentonite clay.

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