Friday, August 21, 2009

shea butter and coconut dreams

i made a mess last night. between melting shea butter, mixing coconut oil and dealing with that bentonite crap i had a time on my hands last night. but i made magic.

i sat my tub of shea butter in another tub of hot water. that melted it completely and i was not exspecting that. i came back five minutes later thinking it would just be soft but it was almost all oil. so i had to devide it into two 8oz plastic tubs. i then scooped about 7-10 (yes ten) spoon fulls of coconut oil into each jar. then i sat each jar in the refrigerator, taking it out every 30 minutes for and hour and a half to stir it with my litttle plastic spoon lol(i really need to invest in a food processor). it turned out really well. i did not leave it in the 'fridge all night long. this morning it was so soft and creamy and i was in love before i even tried it on my hair.
so i took my shower and instead of co washing i just rinsed my hair. i never realized how much conditioner smooths the hair but it really does. when i got out the shower my hair was so big and curly and poofy. i love that. i added just a dime size of kbb hair milk and then the shea and coconut oil mix. my hair was instantly soft but i knew the real test was to see how it dried. i didnt even use my usual hairveda whipped gelly to slick my hair back. i didnt need it because the shea butter and coconut oil handled it. that was around 1:30pm. my hair is still soft and shiny. i dont think i put enough though because i still have to moisturize before i go to bed tonight. i will be exsperimenting to see how much i need to last me how long. i really am loving this mix though.
so that just goes to show you, i dont care what anyone says, not all shea is the same. just because it may say unrefined doesnt mean its going to act the same as the next unrefined shea butter. im positive they have the same benefits, its just that they wont make your hair feel the same. this yellow african shea butter is the best IMO and i will continue to purchase it.


  1. i would've never thought to mix like that! good idea! i'm glad you discovered something you like.

  2. I may try this because I have the ingredients.

  3. thanx ladies.
    yes you should try it. its a very simple mix. i made a total mess trying to mix all those oils with my first try. it really is best to keep it simple.
    if you try it i hope you fall in love. and remember this can be used all over the body, not just the hair.