Thursday, August 27, 2009

since when...

did love come in the form of a shampoo?
well let me answer that for you.
this past weekend i went to my local bss to purchase another tub of shea butter. i took my SO along with me and made him purchase a tub for himself as well, i even had him in the kitchen mixing lmao. anyway above the shea butter shelf was the black soap shelf. they had the liquid and the bar kind. it was cheap too so i grabbed it. but then as i walked the store i went to the shelf that contains the Essential Balms and Natural Oasis products. they are all natural products that can be purchased and DC and MD. i think everywhere else you have to purchase on line. anyway i saw that they had black soap as well, it was more exspencive at $9.99 but i like the ingredient list which contained water, shea butter, and natural oils.
that night i went home and washed my hair with it. OMG i was in dream land. amazing. that stuff had my hair clean and soft all at the same time. i was deeply in love.
i didnt want to give a review because i wanted to use it again before doing so. that was on Sunday.
well i have been using my shea butter and coconut oil mix as if my life depended on it. my hair really loves that stuff. but yesterday my hair became very oily, i mean every time i thought about touching my hair my hand became oily lol. but i made up my mind that i would not shampoo again until this up coming sunday when i did my deep conditioning treatment. well this morning i just decided to shampoo again. im not sure why since when i woke up the oily feeling was gone. all the goodness had sunk into my hair. but i decided to shampoo again using the black so and then do a quick conditioning using kbb deep conditioner. OMG my hair is really in love. like real love at first sight.

also i've noticed that this shampoo makes my hair feel thick, i dont know if i mentioned it here before but my hair is fine and not as thick as it used to be. but when i use this black soap my hair feels so much thicker. love. and you onlu need a little bit. this stuff is so watery that when you squirt it in your hand you will think about adding tons more but it lathers sooooo well you just dont need more. love lol. i then conditioned and detaingled the best i could in what little time i had. it is now 2 hours later and my hair feels amazing. with this black soap shampoo i can use it twice a week without any problems. man i love this stuff.

and when you get a chance check out

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  1. i've been using their oil (it smells like some kind of delicious candy!) for years now, but never paid any attention to their other products. thanks for the review! and i love shampooing my hair too...