Tuesday, August 18, 2009

how do you detangle?

i always detaingle in the shower. always soak my hair in a thick conditioner first and then using a wide tooth shower comb i start at the bottom and work my way up. thats all. it works out well for me and really if i do this just once a week thats enough. i sometimes use my denman brush which i purchased from Sallys but its not mandetory.
the reason for this post is because i have my eye on a detangling spray by AfroVeda. the ingreadients sound so yummy and i love spray leave in conditioners so this seems right up my alley. except for the fact that i dont need it lol. i mean i know i have many products i dont need but i REALLY dont need a detangling spray. on wet hair my hair should have already been detaingled in the shower, and on dry hair well, i really wouldnt use it because i dont do too much to my hair while its dry.
i guess what im trying to get at is, do you detangle in the shower, only on wet hair?
and if so do you use a detangler in the form of a spray as well?

let me know ladies.

also go to http://www.afroveda.com/ to check out her products. when you run across the Seven products, take a look at that spray detangler and let me know your thoughts.

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