Friday, March 6, 2009


ahhhhhhhh oils.
dont they just make your hair day? i know its not just me lol. my most fave oil is, drumroll please.............coconut oil. this oil is so light that i can literally slather my hair in it and less than an hour later that oil is gone. not that my hair drinks it up and is dry again but the oil isnt oily lol. it gives the most ridiculous shine and its one of the few oils that actually penetrate the hair strand. and if applied to the scalp it could reduce hair fall. this oil is amazing for so many things as far as healthy hair goes.
my hair hates hot oil treatments but coconut oil would be a great choico for a once a month HOT treatment. its great to mix with other oils to make that dream sealant or scalp tonic.
it does wonders if mixed well into any conditioner. the coconut oil actually makes the conditioner penetrait better.
and if smell is your deal breaker than you wont be dissapointed. you will not have to walk around smelling of old dirty alley cats. the coconut oil brand i use is from GNC. its called Emerald laboratories and it smells like coconuts. go figure right?????
well i used spectrum's unrefined coconut oil and couldnt figure out why it smelled like A$$ crack and baby vomit. i kid you not. and it was an amber color while EL's coconut oil is white as snow and silky to the touch. ahhh GNC here i come baby.

but there are other oils that are amazing too.
EVOO(extra virgin olive oil)
sweet almond oil
avocado oil
jojoba oil
vatika oil
amla oil
castor oil
and the list goes on and on. these oils are all different in texture, smell and purpose. castor oil being my second fave. and IMO EVOO being the best to use in conditioner.


  1. I agree, that coconut, amla and vatika oil ain't no joke. Those oils are some of the best things that's every happened to my hair.

  2. thank you for being the first to comment on my blog. that means a lot.
    you are right, those oils are amazing. espe. vatika oil. if you have hair problems vatika will solve it lol.