Tuesday, March 10, 2009

an old friend: elasta mango butter

i used this for a couple of days late last year. the reason i went to the store to purchase it was because 1)it is sold at cvs so its convenient. 2) you can find it from $5-$7 so its cheap. and 3)the lovely ladies at LHCF were bragging about it. so i thought "i have got to get my hands on this stuff".
well i used it and i felt it made my ends too hard. i mean it wasnt like protein overload hard, but it wasnt soft at all. it made my ends feel damaged or something so i discontinued use in like 2-3 days.
well last night i decided to give it another try because i hear it contains protein and right now (with the recent visit to my stylist) my hair can use it. so last night i applied a good amount to my ends and sealed with vatika frosting and then proceded to wrap my hair in my silk scarf. this morning i unwraped my hair and my ends felt soooooo soft. i really was in awe because i wasnt exspecting it to do anything more than it did last time but i was so wrong. so i put a little bit more on my ends and then re-sealed. i have my hair pined up today but i can still feel my ends(as they are not tucked under) and my ends are still very soft.

but the real test comes after i wash my hair this week. i say that because right now my hair is a greasy mess(my stylist uses tons of grease, i dont use grease at all) so that could be why my hair feels soft. when i do my hair myself there wont be any grease. just moisturizer(mango butter) and sealant. we'll see how it does then. it contains yummy yummies like mango butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil and hydrodrolized silk. and of course its water based.
and we all know the best moisturizer are what????? water based.

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